2018 Christmas Fair
December 1
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Christmas Fair Raffle Items

Gift item ideas:  different things appeal to different people; anything goes!  What would a toddler, child, teen, young adult, parent, grandparent, or pet enjoy?  Food, chocolate, art supplies, games, toys, wine, chew toy, ball, trucks, baby doll, books, gift certificates, baby items, kitchen supplies, tools, sports equipment?  A weekend at your beach condo, tickets to a baseball game or play, an outing on your boat, or another activity you could share with someone.


"Gift Baskets" can be anything - an actual basket or a hatbox, sand pail, laundry basket, flower pot, tackle box, etc.


Fully assembled baskets can be left in the parlor any time between now and November 30th.  If you have gift items to donate for a basket, please mark it "Basket Raffle" and leave it in the parlor between now and November 29th.  Any questions or concerns, contact Barb Logsdon or 203-879-1435.

Seasoned and First Time Bakers Wanted!

The Christmas Fair is soon upon us, with the church halls filled with decorations, the smells of clam chowder in the air, and the spirited workers and visitors alike soaking in the season’s blessings. 


One of our successful events is the Annual Cookie Walk, where folks can fill their containers with the array of cookies we have for sale.  Whether they are put in the freezer for safe keeping until the holiday arrives, whether they complete a festive lunchbox snack or whether they are a hostess gift; the quality, price, and assortment can’t be beat!

What we need:  Batches of your specialty cookie(s) (a minimum of 4 dozen if possible

When we need it:  The eve of the Christmas Fair, November 30 or the morning of the fair, November 30th.

How to store it:  Disposable containers are easiest.  However, if you put it on a dish you want returned.  Please make sure you label it with your name.  It will be washed and ready for pick up in the church kitchen on Sunday!


Last year we were SOLD OUT by 12:30!  The more bakers the merrier…in the spirit of the season…and of good eating!

For Wreaths

We need ornaments or small items that can be used to decorate wreaths with themes of Red Sox, Yankees, dogs, cats, teddy bears, etc.  Please join us in Parish Hall on November 28 at 7:00 to assemble wreaths. 

Treasure Jars

Please save and decorate wide-mouthed jars and fill with “treasures” for the Fair.  Have fun and be creative! 

Granny’s Attic, Xmas Old & New, and Treasure Room items

Due to the revival of Parish Hall, there will no longer be a stage to hold your items until the Fair so we ask you to hold on to them and bring them to the church from November 25 to 28.  This is not a tag sale – it is for items you wouldn’t mind re-gifting to someone, and also Xmas decorations that someone can use.

Cleaning out your cupboards?

Save that new or special (and maybe unused) item for a basket for the Fair or for the Treasure Room.


Please bring your unwanted jewelry – earrings, watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces – any new or used pieces in good condition are needed.  You can drop off in the church office at any time; they will be stored in a safe place until the Christmas Fair in December.  No pieces will be refused as long as they are in good condition.


The First Congregational Church of Cheshire - 111 Church Drive - Cheshire, CT - 06410 - 203-272-5323

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