Common Questions

What should I expect at First Church?

Expect to be inspired and challenged.  Expect to be moved.  Expect to be reminded that you are a wonderful creation of God.  Expect to be encouraged to live more fully into the good person God has created you to be.

Are children welcomed in worship?

Absolutely.  You will find that most children attend our 10 AM service (though children are welcomed at the 8AM too) and leave the Sanctuary following the Children's message to attend their Church School class.  You will also notice that a good number of our younger congregation members stay in the service instead of attending Church School.  We welcome either choice and encouarge parents and young people to decide which option feels best for you and your family.

Where do I park?  Is your building accessible?

Most of the parking is behind the church, though you are also welcome to park on Church Drive.  Church Drive offers easy access to the Main Entrance of the Sanctuary.  Most people attending worship park in the back and enter the church through the doors there.  We have a large parking lot with ample spaces designated for people with disabilities or exceptional mobility needs  Most of our church building is accessible.  The Sanctuary, Chapel, Parlor, Church Offices, Library and Parish Hall are all wheelchair accessbile via ramps.  Some of our church school classrooms are accessible, but most are not.  If you or a family member have special mobility needs, please don't let this be a reason you wouldn't visit.  Contact the church office and we can help you with parking questions, accessbility within our building and any other questions that will help you plan your visit.

My family would not necessarily be defined as traditional.  Is that a problem?


We have single people, divorced, married, partnered, women, men, gay, straight.  We have those whose family members are of different faiths.  We have children and adults.  We celebrate that we have come to know God most clearly through the person and ministry of Jesus Christ, while at the same time honor those who have come to the fullness of God differently than we.  We welcome all people, all families, all understandings.  We do so in the name of Christ who always extended unconditional hospitality, grace and love.


How do people dress?

This is such a great question and one that people are often reluctant to ask!  Some people will be in a dress or coat and tie.  Some will wear jeans or shorts.  Some people have ironed their clothes and others have never ironed anything in their lives.  In other words, wear what makes you comfortable.  Our greatest joy is that you show up.  How you look when you show up is up to you!

I have never read the Bible.  Will I be lost?


It's doubtful that you will be lost.  Most people have not read the Bible from cover to cover.  There may be moments when those of us who have been around church for a while stray and use "churchy" language and words that are not common in everyday life.  When we do so, we hope that you will feel comfortable asking questions.  Your questions help us rethink our language and how we may make the language of faith more accessible for others. 

There is a wonderful phrase that says, "The church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints."  We come just as we are.  We come knowing a little or knowing a lot.  We come knowing little and find out we know more than we thought we did.  We come knowing a lot and find out there is still much to learn.  We come because we have something to share.  We come because we are in need.  Our hope for this community of faith is that you will find a place to grow.  


How long are your services?

Our worship services are typically 1 hour.  Some Sundays, we will run a little longer.  Others will be shorter.

The First Congregational Church of Cheshire - 111 Church Drive - Cheshire, CT - 06410 - 203-272-5323

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