Making a Difference in the Community



One of the new activities we added in the 2017 Strawberry Festival was the addition of Community Sponsors. This entailed a small group of people approaching local businesses and individuals requesting them to make a donation of $100 or more to the Strawberry Festival. The donations from the sponsors would then be passed on to our designated charity – this year it was Cheshire Interfaith Housing. The Outreach Board selected this charity because of our long-standing relationship of providing both financial and manpower support to their cause. Since this was our first year for this activity we were pleasantly surprised when we received $3,325 in contributions.


In order to make the recruiting of donors more appealing, the church provided some special funds which matched sponsors' contributions up to $2,500. This definitely encouraged donations and allowed us to now provide a total of $5,825 to Cheshire Interfaith Housing. This level of support will allow that organization to significantly increase the amount of good they can do in the local community.


Special thanks to Bill Mann, Roy Pritchard and Matt Glatt from First Congregational Church and Mike Votto, the chairman of Cheshire Interfaith Housing, for their dedication to this worthwhile addition to the Strawberry Festival.

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