2017 Christmas Fair
December 2 - 9:00 a.m.

Decorating Wreaths for the Christmas Fair


Once again we are selling beautifully decorated live evergreen wreaths at the Christmas Fair.  Please join us on November 29 at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall for a fun workshop to help decorate these wreaths.  If you have any extra ornaments or ribbon that you would be willing to donate, we’d love you to bring them along.  And if you need a beautiful holiday wreath, be sure to buy it at the fair on Saturday, December 2. 


Donations for Granny's Attic, Christmas Old & New & Treasure Room


Do you have any new and very gently used gifts, decorations/ornaments and other treasures to donate for the Christmas Fair's Granny’s Attic, Christmas Old & New, or the Treasure Room?  We are looking for items you would re-gift.  The Treasure Room contains upscale items; these donations may be reclaimed if not sold.


All donations for Christmas Old & New and Granny’s Attic should be brought to Rooms 8 & 9 and Treasure Room items to Room 11 at the church between Nov. 26 and Nov. 29.  We do not have storage space for donations before Nov. 26; no donations accepted after Nov. 29.


Christmas Fair Raffle Basket Donations

Your help is needed for our 2017 Christmas Fair Raffle!  Once again, we will have all kinds of gift baskets for shoppers to take a chance on winning.  We’d love it if each church family would donate a gift basket.  Build it as a family project!  The Christmas Fair Committee is also asking each Board and Committee to consider making a Christmas Basket for the raffle!  Get creative and think outside the "basket"! 

The following list of ideas for creating one-of-a-kind enticing themed gift baskets is to help get your imagination started!

  • Gift items:  different things appeal to different people; anything goes!  What would a toddler, child, teen, young adult, parent, grandparent, or pet enjoy?  Food, chocolate, art supplies, games, toys, wine, chew toy, ball, trucks, baby doll, books, gift certificates, baby items, kitchen supplies, tools, sports equipment?  A weekend at your beach condo, tickets to a baseball game or play, an outing on your boat, or another activity you could share with someone.

  • "Gift Baskets" can be anything large enough to fit your largest three gift items on the base. They can be an actual basket or a hatbox, sand pail, laundry basket, flower pot, tackle box, etc.


Please consider supporting our church’s Christmas Fair by donating a finished basket or ingredients for a basket.  Fully assembled baskets can be left in the parlor any time between now and December 1st.  If you have gift items to donate for a basket, please mark it "Basket Raffle" and leave it in the parlor between now and November 27th. 

Any questions or concerns, email Barb Logsdon  or 203-879-1435.  See you at the Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 2nd!

Cookie Walk

Seasoned and First Time Bakers Wanted!


The Christmas Fair is soon upon us, with the church halls filled with decorations, the smells of corn chowder in the air, and the spirited workers and visitors alike soaking in the season's blessings.


One of our successful parts of the Christmas Fair is the Annual Cookie Walk, where folks can fill their containers with the array of cookies we have for sale.  Whether they are put in the freezer for safe keeping until the holiday, whether they complete a festive lunchbox snack or whether they are given as a hostess gift; the quality, price and assortment can't be beat!


What we need:  Batches of your specialty cookie or bar.


When we need it:  The eve of the Christmas Fair, December 1st or the morning of the fair, December 2nd.


How to store it:  Disposable containers are easiest.  However, if you put it in a dish you want returned, please make sure you label it with your name.  It will be washed and ready for pick up in the church kitchen on Sunday.


Last year we were sold out by 12:30 pm!  The more bakers the merrier…in the spirit of the season…and of good eating!


Any questions, please ask any one of the Cookie Ladies: Regan Huntley 272-8467, Patti King 203-668-0025 or Jan Cowles 272-8441.



Volunteers Needed for the Christmas Fair


The Christmas Fair Volunteer Sign Up board in the Parlor lists the many opportunities on Friday, Dec. 1st and Saturday, Dec. 2nd to help make this event another successful endeavor.Come have fun getting to know others in the church while setting up and working the Christmas Fair.


Oh, you can't commit to setting up or working the fair?How about baking cookies, filling Children's Treasure Jars, making a gift basket for the Raffle, or donating to Granny's Attic or the Treasure Room?If you are an artist, we would love to have one of your paintings, photos, pieces of jewelry, or whatever it is that you create, for the silent auction.  We want you, we need you, we'd love to see you participate!

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