Strawberry Festival Partners
with Local Businesses

The Strawberry Festival is partnering with businesses in three unique ways. All of these partnerships are win-win situations in which the businesses can sell or market their product, service, or cause. And the festival benefits from the fees paid by the businesses to participate.


We are asking the members of the First Church congregation to help us recruit businesses for us to partner with. The three types of partnerships we have are the following:


Crafters and Artisans

For many years the festival has hosted the Craft Fair where businesses can sell their handmade items. We typically have about 35 crafters/artisans who have traditionally had very enjoyable and profitable times at our event.


Cheshire Community Expo Exhibitors

These are both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses that would like to market their product, service, or cause to the substantial number of local guests that come to the festival.

Community Sponsors

In some cases, a business would simply prefer to donate to a worthy cause and received positive PR and recognition. We have a Sponsorships activity which will allow businesses to donate $100 or more to a designated charity. To incentivize businesses, First Church will match all contributions 100%, up to $2,500. In appreciation for their donations, the festival provides a variety of publicity and rewards. Our charity again this year is Cheshire Interfaith Housing, a local nonprofit that improves the housing situation for many of the less fortunate.


Perhaps you own a business, know someone who does, or frequent a business that you think might benefit from one of our partnerships. If so, it would be great if you could share the three options that we have to see if one might be a fit for that particular business. On the kiosk in the parlor we will have two cards and a flyer, which are essentially invitations to businesses to join us as partners at the festival. Please pick one up and share it, every business that joins us will benefit from our partnership. You can also get the invitations at the following links:


Crafter Invite

Expo Invite

Sponsor Invite

The First Congregational Church of Cheshire - 111 Church Drive - Cheshire, CT - 06410 - 203-272-5323

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