Salt and Light Policies and Procedures

Salt and Light Grants
Policy and Procedures
(Proposed 8/23/11)
(Approved 8/23/11 by the Board of Outreach)

Purpose: The purpose of the Salt and Light grant is to empower members of the First Congregational Church of Cheshire to undertake outreach and mission in ways they would otherwise be unable, except for financial assistance, as they feel called and as the church discerns their call to be worthy of support. ‘Outreach’ and ‘mission’ are defined as direct service to others or the creation of a hands-on mission project. It is not in the spirit of the grant that it provide a benefit to the recipient of the grant, but to the people the recipient intends to serve. The grant is not intended to support an institution, such as a gift to a homeless shelter, but to support an individual as they are called to direct service in the name of Jesus. The grant is intended to equip the person applying for the grant to use their gifts and talents in direct service to God’s people.

Guidelines for consideration:
Grants should be awarded when they fit the purposes described above.

Preference will be given to members of the congregation or their children, or active non- members. Friends of the congregation may be considered in unusual circumstances, or in the case of a grant to a group (ie a grant to a mission trip that might include a minority number of non-church members).

How to apply: See the chair of the Board of Outreach for an application, or download the application from the Outreach page of the church website.

Return the completed application to the chair of the Board of Outreach via email, or surface mail, or through the Outreach mailbox at church.

Who will consider the application: The grant will be considered by the members of the Board of Outreach in consultation with the clergy person assigned to staff the Board.

When will the application be considered: Applications will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Board of Outreach meeting after the application has been received.

How will the funds for the grant be identified and handled: There will be a Salt and Light fund which will not revert to the general fund at the end of the year but carry over from year to year. The Board of Outreach will have jurisdiction over this fund. Only the Board of Outreach can approve a disbursement from this fund. The Board will cooperate with the church financial secretary and treasurer in following appropriate procedures both in adding to the account and in making disbursements.

It is not necessary to leave a certain amount of money in the Salt and Light Fund, except as a ‘place marker’ to keep the fund open. Jesus warned his followers not to save up treasure but to be generous in serving others and building God’s realm.


Follow-up procedures: The Board of Outreach will ask for a written report describing the use of the grant, usually after the project is complete, but may ask for updates during the course of a project. The Board may also ask the recipient of the grant to report in person to the Board and/or to the congregation.

How will the account be funded: The Salt and Light account will receive funds in the ways listed below, but not limited to this list:

1) A gift from an individual to the Salt and Light account
2) An allocation from the Board of Outreach budget to the Salt and Light

3) The proceeds of a fundraiser intended to fund the Salt and Light account 4) A gift from another group, team, committee or Board within the church (ie

from the Women’s Fellowship or the Christmas Fair) 

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